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Cowboys from hell (1991) Vulgar display of power (1992) Far beyond driven (1994) The great southern trendkill (1996) Official live : 101 proof (1997) Reinventing the steel (2000) The best of Pantera (2003)

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KoRn (1994) Blind Ball tongue Need to Clown Divine Faget Shoots and ladders Predictable Fake Lies Helmet in the bush Daddy Hidden track Life is peachy (1996) Twist Chi Lost Swallow Porno creep Good god Mr. Rogers K@#0% ! No place to hide Wicked A.D.I.D.A.S...

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Kill 'em all (1983) Ride the lightning (1984) Master of puppets (1986) And justice for all (1988) Blackened And justice for all The eye of the beholder One The shortest straw Harvester of sorrow Frayed ends of sanity To live is to die Dyers eve Black...

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Machine Head

Burn my eyes (1994) Davidian Old A thousand lies None but my own The rage to overcome Death church A nation on fire Blood for blood I'm your god now Real eyes, realize, real lies Block The more things change... (1997) Ten ton hammer Take my scars Struck...

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